Technology Unlocks the Opportunity

Philip W. Little, an international security expert, was approached and asked to create a security program for a mining group in Mexico. This was not unusual since he had over 35 years of security experience in Mexico alone. But this time, after the due diligence was completed, Mr. Little realized there was a great opportunity and he wanted to be involved. It was not long before the engineering group who brought him in requested that he take it over.

Black Sands Mining Technologies (BSMT) was soon created and is now positioned at the forefront of a great opportunity through the use of modern “Proprietary” technology. It is the use of this technology that unlock the ability to remove precious minerals that, up until now, were lost in traditional, old school mining. The very DNA of BSMT is that of service and integrity. BSMT operates in an environmentally safe manner, and with a mission that includes giving back to the local communities where it operates.

Black Sands Mining Boullion Safe
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Hand Holding Black Mining Sand
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