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Philip W. Little

Mr. Little started his career by serving in the U.S. Air Force for 4 years, then into law enforcement for 11 years. Then Little followed his passion and became the owner of West Coast Detectives International. Little also owned a trucking company and mining operation…

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P. Wayne Little

Mr. Little is a licensed Attorney with the State of California. Besides utilizing his knowledge and background in the corporate world, for six years he worked at the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office as a Deputy District Attorney, where he successfully…

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Wade A. Little

Mr. Little is a licensed Private Investigator who has specialized in corporate matters. He has conducted due-diligence investigations that have saved clients millions of dollars. In addition to directing investigative cases, he has also coordinated and directed corporate and personal…

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Garry Dolbow

Over the last five decades, Mr. Dolbow’s achievements include developing and commercializing…

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Burgess Frank

Mr. Frank, studied engineering at UNM and his experience includes senior management positions in both…

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James R. Waltonen

Mr. Waltonen is a Scientist/Quantum Physicist, with a Degree in Mineralogy. He has an illustrious…

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Dr. Edgar Fritz

Dr. Fritz has over 30 years of experience in the branches of intelligence, investigation, and training…

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