Unlocking Opportunities

This is clearly a case of technology unlocking the opportunity. The foundation of this technology has been around for many years, but no one knew what to do with it, how to make it work successfully and cost efficiently.

As with every other industry, technology has brought changes to the way mineral extraction is performed. Gone are the days of tunnel mining, which has left hundreds of mines sitting vacant across the western United States and Mexico. The old processing methods used were to follow a gold vein into the mountain or use stamp mills to try to extract the gold.

Those processes were unable to recovery the fine precious metal, or free gold that is mixed in with the soil. In the 1800’s and onward there were billions of dollars left in the mines and tailing piles with millions of tons of ore. In the nineties, there were experiments with leach mining with the big down downside of using cyanide as a chemical extractor. This process left large contaminated leach ponds with cyanide leaking into the soil with a huge environmental impact. On top of the environmental issues, there is the fact that the extractions of minerals were less than 50% of what was in the ore.

Scientist, some on our team, along with universities started researching for more effective extraction methods. From their research came a nontoxic, non-discharge, closed loop extraction system that can extract over 90% of the mineral in the ore. The science is amazing and our propriety formula using slight variations of the nontoxic products to separate gold, silver, platinum, and other metals from the ore.

The following photo design is part of our process that uses readily available materials to build a low cost processing system. The miracle ingredient to our extraction is our world-class chemists and scientist who have perfected the formulas for the process.

Black Sands Mining Technologies Mine Tunnel Book
Closed Loop Non-Toxic Non-Discharge Extraction System Optimized
Gold Bars
Hand Holding Black Mining Sand
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Fine Silver Boullion